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Aerial Triangulation

Aerial triangulation is the process of collecting intersecting points of the same feature on different images and placing points of known coordinates in order to establish

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Terrain Model

Using aerial triangulation result DEM is generated automatically and verified by manually for Quality purpose.DEM files contain the elevation of the terrain over a specified area,

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Topographic and Planimetric Feature Extraction

Planimetric mapping natural and manmade features in their true coordinate positions, showing them to scale on our maps. Required features

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3d Building Capturing

For Building models Building foot print, roof lines and facade details are extracted with photogrammetric technique using GIS technique 3d Buildings are generated with Attributes.

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Orthorecification is the mathematical process of removing the distortion caused by relief and the camera within a photograph

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Contour Maping

Contour map shows the elevation and slope of the ground surface by means of contour lines. A contour line is an imaginary line constructed by a series of points

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